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Here you can find most common questions regarding our packaged KVM and OpenVZ templates. If your question is not answered here you can use the contact form to ask us any questions you may have.

What Kernel have you used to create your OpenVZ Templates?

Our OpenVZ templates have all be compiled and tested on systems using 2.6.32-042stab123.3. If you see any warnings about the Kernel being unsupported for the most part you can just ignore these.

For best results we recommend using the same Kernel we are, you can install the Kernel 2.6.32-042stab123.3  and use Kernel Care like us to patch the Kernel for the latest updates. We only guarantee templates will work when using the same Kernel as us. If you're not using the same Kernel as us we will not issue any refunds.

What generation templates are these?

All templates on site are generation 2 templates. The exact settings for all templates unless stated are as follows;

Generation = 2

Arch = x86_64

Disk Driver = Virtio

Change Root Admin Password = Selected

Configure Networking = Selected

Partition # to Resize  = 1

Swap Partition #  = 2

What is the difference between OpenVZ and Virtuozzo?

Nothing. Virtuozzo is the new name for OpenVZ

Increase INODE Limit

Some packaged templates require a higher inode limit for them to unpack and be deployed to containers. If the template you have purchased requires a higher inode limit just copy our file to your /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts file. Follow the instructions below exactly. 

First take a backup of your existing ve-vswap-solus.conf-sample, login to your master node and issue;

cp /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/ve-vswap-solus.conf-sample /etc/sysconfig-vz-scripts/ve-vswap-solus.conf-sample.bac 

you can always revert back to this file should you have any problems.

Next enter the vz-scripts folder  

cd /etc/sysconfig/vz-scripts/

Next delete the old file. You have the backup which you created above

rm ve-vswap-solus.conf-sample

Now grab our copy of the updated file

wget https://www.solusvm-templates.com/servers/ve-vswap-solus.conf-sample

This will place our custom file with the increased inode limit in the correct folder. Packaged templates will now deploy. Don't forget if you are using our packaged templates on slaves you will also need to replace the same file on each slave you have, just login to the slaves in question and follow the above advice again

All our templates have been created using Kernel 2.6.32-042stab123.3 running Kernel Care to apply security patches.

CentOS 7 KVM Template

With CentOS 7 you should use the VIRTIO NIC card. Any servers you setup should use this NIC card but if you don't use it to get any additional IPs to function you must add NM_CONTROLLED="no" into each interface you create. So your interface  would look like the below. If you're using the VIRTIO NIC Card then you can use the "Reconfigure Networking" button inside SolusVM to automatically do this but you may need to add the "BROADCAST= IP" Field into the interface then run ifup eth0:0 to bring it up. 


I need Windows Images. When will these be ready?

Soon! We have Windows 10 and Windows Server 2012 R2 being tested at the moment by our Beta testers. We're also just about ready with Windows 2016 Standard. Once our testers report back and confirm these images function as they should we will add these to our site. Remember these images will only come with a 180 day trial license. You need to license these after that period.

Do your Windows .iso files include licenses

No. All .iso files include a standard 3 month trial license. Its the end users responsibility to ensure you have the correct Windows licenses after the trial period. 

Do I need SolusVM to use your templates?

NO! Our templates will work with any OpenVZ or KVM based virtualization setup. 

I have deployed the CentOS and cPanel OpenVZ template. Where do I login to WHM?

You login as you would usually. Just navigate to https://server_ip:2087/ to login to WHM and begin configuring the software. Don't forget to modify the server's main IP address in the basic configuration to the correct server IP or new sites you setup will be configured on the wrong IP address

I want a different template. Can you make it for me?

We can try. We're currently working on Cloud Linux, Direct Admin and Plesk templates for OpenVZ and KVM virtualization as of (March 2017) If you want something different to these just use the contact form and let us know what you require.