Install SolusVM KVM Templates

install SolusVM KVM templates

Install SolusVM KVM Templates

To install SolusVM KVM templates to your SolusVM setup simply upload the template purchased from to the /home/solusvm/kvm/template directory for standard Operating System images or the /home/solusvm/xen/iso folder for anything ending .iso. It’s important .iso file end .iso and not .ISO which will fail.

Once the image has uploaded to your master create a new package inside SolusVM under “Media > Add KVM Template” or “Media > Add ISO” for .iso files. when installing SolusVM KVM templates to SolusVM it’s important you select which generation the template is, all of our templates are usually generation two. Next, select the correct arch. Most templates will be x86_65 and all of this information is displayed on the product page.

KVM Template Settings

Once you have created the template inside your SolusVM master the final thing to do is to sync the new media across your cluster. This will copy the template from your master and place it in the correct location on your slaves., You can now start using your new template to create VPS servers.

If your server does not boot using the new template you can use the in-built VNC option to monitor the boot process. Log in to your master using Internet Explorer and select the JAVA VNC option. This will show any errors. In most cases, it’s a simple misconfiguration on the template settings page inside SolusVM.

Additional Settings For Windows KVM Templates

Our Windows templates need to be configured to use IDE as the disk driver and the CPU model should be set to “Host-Passthrough” please ensure these settings are correct and if you need to change them power off the VPS server then back on and watch the startup from the VNC as advised above.

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