CentOS 7 x64 cPanelCSF Mod_PageSpeed Lets-Encrypt

CentOS 7 x64 cPanelCSF Mod_PageSpeed Lets-Encrypt


Optimized templates are templates deployed with additional software and optimized to speed up the delivery of websites and information to your end users. In this template, cPanel is included with Apache and Mod_PageSpeed, previously known as Google PageSpeed. The SSH port has been modified, PHP 7.2 and PHP 7.3 has been configured and CSF has been installed together with Let’s Encrypt. This template is ready for production after completing the cPanel initial setup wizard.


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Version 2, Version 3



Installation of our templates is quick and simple when using SolusVM. Upload your template to the /vz/templates/cache folder on your Master node. If you would like a download link so you can download the template directly to your master please contact our support team. For version 3 templates ensure you upload both the .tar.gz and .lz4 files.

Then Add the new template in SolusVM under “Media > Add OpenVZ Template” Fill out the form and select the .tar.gz file you just loaded to /vz/templates/cache folder.

Ensure you pick the correct arch (i386/x32) (x86_64)/x64) for your template version and then save the form. Remember to sync the new template to any slaves you might be running/ You can now create new VPS servers with your new template.

  • Mod_PageSpeed Apache Module
  • Custom SSH Port (3004)
  • CSF
  • Let’s Encrypt
  • PHP 7.2, 7.3
  • NodeJS 10
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