Fedora Mate Desktop SolusVM ISO x64

Fedora Mate Desktop SolusVM ISO x64


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Installation of our templates is quick and simple when using SolusVM. Upload your template to the /home/solusvm/kvm/iso folder on your Master node. If you would like a download link so you can download the template directly to your master please contact our support team.

KVM Templates

Then Add the new template in SolusVM under “Media > Add ISO ” Fill out the form and select the .iso file you just uploaded to /home/solusvm/kvm/iso folder.

Ensure you pick the correct arch (i386/x32) (x86_64)/x64) for your template version and then save the form. Remember to sync the new template to any slaves you might be running You can now mount this image to any new VPS servers you create. Most desktop ISO images come complete with an install process to permanently write your OS to your KVM disk.

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